• Practical Training

    A monthly masterclass with a thought leader or practitioner who is creatively engaging and understanding Millennials and the generations, with stories and advice to learn from

  • Direct Communication

    Every month we'll do a 1-hour conference call with the 100 Creative Cities community, to ask and answer specific questions that you may have, and learn together

  • A Private Community

    This is the nitty gritty of what we do - a private Facebook community for passionate people, churches and leaders to converse, collaborate, and innovate together. This is about you and your church, after all

  • Curated Content

    You're busy, let us do the hard work for you! Every week, you'll get a curated collection of top articles, resources, and opportunities from voices and influencers forwarding the intergenerational church

  • Discounted Events and Gatherings

    As a 100 Creative Cities member you'll receive a discount to future workshops, seminars, conferences, and local gatherings

Do you deeply desire a church that engages Millennials and the generations together? In a rapidly changing world, do you want your church be a place that influences and impacts? Do you want to know other churches and leaders who are creatively bringing the generations together to launch people and ideas?

We were asking these questions, and 100 Creative Cities was our hope for an answer! If this sounds like you, join us to get instant access to training, resources, and a community of passionate people. We'll see you there!

Monthly Membership

Access to monthly masterclasses, Q&As, a private community, curated content, and special discounts