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Learn the 3-part framework that your church can use to engage Millennials and the generations together, launch people and ideas, and impact your community.

  • Know The Trends and Shifts Shaping Millennials In Your Church
  • Understand Millennial Faith And What They Need From Your Church
  • Learn The Creativity Framework That Will Engage Millennials In Your Church

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Let’s Take The Conversation To The Next Level

Join the 100 Creative Cities community for in-depth training, access to practitioners, and connections to engage Millennials and the generations in your church!

Practical Training

A monthly masterclass with a thought leader or practitioner who is creatively engaging and understanding Millennials and the generations, with stories and advice to learn from


Direct Communication

Every month we'll do a 1-hour conference call with the 100 Creative Cities community - it's an opportunity to ask and answer specific questions that you may have, and learn together


A Private Community

The nitty gritty of what we do - a private forum community for passionate churches and leaders to converse, collaborate, and innovate together. This is about you and your church, after all